Our curriculum is designed with a globalized teaching perspective: in this sense, all learning areas are interrelated using the plastic arts, music, poetry, corporal expression, natural and social sciences, to introduce students to the academic use of the Spanish language, broadening and deepening this knowledge through the development of content related to their interests. In this way, reading comprehension and oral and written expression, including grammar, are worked on as cross-cutting content, associated with all learning areas.  
Our methodology is based on social interaction, games and collaborative study in groups and work teams, to facilitate the affective learning of the language that leads to self-esteem, recognition and respect for cultural diversity. 
Our classes.  
  • Children's 
  • Primary: 
  • First Cycle 
  • Second Cycle 
  • DELE (Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language) 
Children are grouped taking into account their individual differences in terms of psychosocial developmental characteristics, level of cognitive competence in Spanish and knowledge previously acquired in CENY and in their schools in English, which guarantees the success of future learning. Older and more advanced students may opt for advanced Spanish language development courses (DELE).